Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Murder Mayhem

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Three more Paul Norris illustrations for one f those Kinf Features weeklong serials from the late forties. I am pretty sure these were not covered in the new (and reommendable) book on the 100 Year history of King Features. Unless someone proves me wrong.

The Wizardry Of Id

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Recently I got hold of a two year selection of early Wizard of Id Sundays. After scanning them I intend to show all of htem. The group is quite large. For the first half year, shown here, it is slightly more than half of all Sundays, after that it gets to be more every month. These Sundays start in October 1965, a year after the strip had started and quite close to the first Sundays. The Wizard of Id is a strip that found it's style quite early on, so you won't see a lot of difference between these strips and those of ten years after thta. Except maybe that they are even funnier than the later ones. The strips shown here are my earliest ones and then the first half of 1967.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

He Did It For Some Time

Monday Cartoon Day.

In the thirties Jimmy Hatlo (later of They'll Do It Every Time fame) did a political cartoon. I have seen some of his magazine cartoons from the same period, but never these. The two items at the end are oddities from 1935.

Inventive Stories

Sunday Meskin Measures.

No Mort Meskin story this time. Instead I have two stories from Young Romance #71 that seem to be inventory from the romance line of MikeRoss, the company that was founded by Andru Ross and Mike Esposito and went bankrupt after publishing two 3D romance titles. The second of these stories is clearly from Ross Andru, the first seems to have been layed out by him or done by an artist in his style. The artist in question may be Martin Rosenthall, who inked several Andru stories for their Mad imitation Get Lost as Thall. In an interview a couple of years ago, Rosenthall devulged he had invested in the company as well. But there is no evidence he did morte than inkng and his personal style (when he did work for Stan Lee's Atlas) is quite different.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Honey, I'm Lois!


Last week King Features issued a special edition comic section for their 100 year borthday. As I understand it, the section itself was made from the same material as the upcoming book, which I have ordered (if only because my esteemed comic book history collegue Paul Tumay worked on it). The introduction strip was drawn by one of my favorites underrated artists of the moment, Dan Piraro. Is there anyone who has a copy of the section for me or can scan it? Im am sure Hi and Lois will be included, just as I amsure, they will not choose one of these early Sundays.

Cowboys And Sweet Gals

Friday Comic Book Day.

Last week I showed some of Jack Sparling's comic book and comic strip work. Here are two more stories by him an a different genre.