Friday, October 09, 2015

Adventures Into Great Worlds

Friday Comic Book Day.

Everytime I see a story by Russ Heath, my admiration for his talent grows. Especially those that he did early in his career for Stan Lee.

Heil Parker

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Even though the stories are said to be pretty bad, I find there is much to admire in Dan Heilman's Judge Parker. Maybe it is his gentle Milt Caniff influenced style, but maybe not even that. It's the story telling choices he makes. I think he would do prety well in today's newspaper market, actually. In my opinion this strip has suffered from the hackwork of Heilman's successor LeDoux (however he badmouthed his mentor in one of his last interviews).

Calling All Collectors

Wednesday Advertising Day.

One day I hope to have all of these Lou Fine Ads... and in the right order. Unfortunately, the number on the first one is illegible.

A Gig A Day

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

More Very Important Penwork from Virgil Partch.

Line Worker

Monday Cartoon Day.

In the seventies, Reamer Keller did a series of irregular Sunday gag pages for the New York News, similar to the series he had done twenty years before that. I have shown a couple earlier, but these are new.

No Love Lost

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Here's another early 1953 story I may have missed. Going back and forth like this doesn't help. I hope to be on track soon again. This is another story from the 'transitional' period, when Mort started to lighten up his style. Withthat a one pager from November 1952.

Saturday, October 03, 2015


Saturday Leftover Day.

Working on an article for the upcoing 70th birthday of Dutch artist Daan Jippes, I gathered all of the single page Pep Spotter gags he did for Pep weekly in 1970/1973. At that same time he was working on his first (and for a long time only) strip Bernard Voorzichtig and here we see the same shift in style that occurred in the early seventies when he discovered his love for Disney (and especially Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks). These mildly satirical gags are in Dutch, so you just have to admire the variety of styles Daan put down even then. I added to that an interview that was done with him at the start of Berbard Voorzichtig, showing a selfportrait and a couple of images of that great first strip.